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Out of the Cellar - Shimmer Merlot Red

Out of the Cellar - Shimmer Merlot Red

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A “cork-twist” on the traditional merlot red…with shimmer!

Use with SOPHi PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System for maximum durability, using a blow dryer on low heat between coats to help polish set.

*Since SOPHi does not contain harsh chemicals, it does require these extra steps for chip and scratch resistance. The PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System is NOT needed for use on toenails.

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Vibrant shimmery magenta

Out of the Cellar is a beautiful elegantly shimmered magenta. It has depth and vivacity! I'd call the color dragon fruit red and don't really feel reminded of any wines by this one. Based on my screen, which I know can vary wildly from person to person, the actual paint is closer to magenta than compared to the company's merlot description and photos. (Their bottle pic is closest, though, to me.) It is super lovely, just different than described. I took some pics with a dragon fruit in hand to compare. Juicy!

Application Tips:
It's a different formula than standard polish so it's a slightly different application, though just as easy. But just be present with your task and you'll know what to do if you already have the basics down from using any other polish. I use the Prime + Shine + Seal System as instructed along with a hairdryer about a foot away on low heat and low speed. The work & self care time invested is truly the same story as with standard polish: If you long soak the nails in water within an hour of application, skip the cleaning prep, basecoat, thinly applied color coats, topcoat, or skip proper drying time between layers, the manicure simply won't last as long. It's worth it to take the time if you intend to wear the color intact and gorgeous for a week or more.

This differs from regular polish. It can take ~15-20 minutes. I like the Sophi gel remover with a pump. I already had some which I sometimes use on standard polish. For Sophi/Piggy Paint, get set up with a paper towel under your work space, dab some over the surface of one nail at a time, immediately gently scrape off with something firm but gentle, like an orange stick or whatever and move from nail to nail. To finish, swipe the little leftover bits off with a tissue and a little more gel.

This was my third Piggy Paint/Sophi manicure and I am pleased so far! I had to quit using regular polish on my fingernails because the top layer of my nail would peel along with the polish as it wore. This made my nails so paper thin so I stopped but missed seeing color on my hands. Sophi and Piggy Paint polish to the rescue! This non-toxic stuff has not made me peel so far so I will keep on with this brand. Piggy Paint and Sophi are delightfully the same formula, which means there are more options than you might think!

This makes us SO happy to hear! We are so glad that you found our non-toxic nail polish that works well on your nails! Your application and removal tips are spot on! We love your description of the color! Thank you SO much for sharing! :)

Beautiful, shimmer red!

This polish is beautiful and perfect for Valentines Day, Christmas, and all year wear for those who love red like myself. The coats of polish built beautifully and look elegant.

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