Why Wear a Natural Nail Polish?

Someone asked the other day, "What makes SOPHi different from every other nail polish?".

Did you know that unlike SOPHi, standard solvent based nail polish will eat through a foam plate within seconds? It will, try it yourself. So if you think about that, and the fact that if  you are wearing solvent-based polish on your fingernails, everything that goes into your mouth is touching this polish. Gross.


SOPHi and Piggy Paint are made of about 70% water. Free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone. What does that mean? SOPHi nail polish will NOT eat through a foam plate, in fact, it is safe enough that if you wanted to, you could eat it! (I wouldn't suggest it) but you could. Proven non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals known to cause cancer and other illness.


That's cool, but if it is water-based is it DURABLE? SOPHi nail polish dries to a hard, durable finish. It does not peel off like other water-based nail polish. But adults are hard on their nails and need maximum durability! This is why we also offer the PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System. Learn more about that here and watch our application video here.

What else makes SOPHi by Piggy Paint different? Piggy Paint, LLC prides our self in being a brand you can trust. This is why our polish is cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA. SOPHi natural nail polish is also great for those with allergies! Our hypoallergenic formula makes it safe for just about anyone to use! (We do recommend anyone with a history of nail polish allergies to test SOPHi one nail at a time as an extra precaution.)

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Furthermore, SOPHi nail polish leaves your nails just as healthy as they were before you put the polish on. No more brittle nails, no more yellow nails!

But that's not all! We saved the best part for last. SOPHi nail polish has virtually no odor. Compared to your standard solvent based polish that fills the room with smelly chemicals and gives you a headache, SOPHi has hardly no smell at all. If you are constantly rushing around like we are, you can even paint your nails in the car or on the airplane! Don't take our word for it, smell the difference for yourself! Shop now here.

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I can’t wait to try these natural polishes. This is so great. They are safe to wear, so worry free we’ll be.


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