The Truth about Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover

We recently received a comment regarding Piggy Paint nail polish remover from a dissatisfied customer. They said "it smells terrible". We always appreciate feedback and work hard to guarantee a quality product that our customers are happy with! This comment made me wonder what this customer was expecting when they purchased the product, because they probably weren't alone in thinking that since it is a safer option, it should smell good. We want to make sure you know what you are getting when you purchase our products.

So here is THE TRUTH about Piggy Paint remover. Our remover is acetone free, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and contains aloe vera and vitamin E.  It is a corn alcohol base, therefore, does it smell great?  No, I wouldn’t say so.   We call ours 'Low Odor' because compared to the acetone removers on the market, Piggy Paint remover has a MUCH lower odor.

Since our remover is made from corn alcohol, it should be used as directed with adult supervision, and not ingested.  As an extra safety feature, we have added an embittering agent to deter swallowing in case the remover is accidentally ingested.  Though any remover will remove our non-toxic, virtually odorless Piggy Paint nail polish, we are pleased to offer our remover as a safer option than your standard acetone removers.  Since it is softer and not as harsh as traditional removers, it does take a bit more “elbow grease”.  Soaking nails with a cotton ball saturated in Piggy Paint Remover helps.

Knowledge is power, and natural alternatives are powerful.

Happy Nail Painting (and Removing!).


Piggy Paint
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I will take piggy paint remover ANY DAY over regular acetone remover, regardless of the smell. But I guess it’s good to be prepared that it doesn’t smell the best.


I came here wondering if this remover could be used with other brands of nail polish other than your own brand, that’s awesome it can! I was pleasantly suprised when I saw not only the list of ingredients & also taking the time to explain them in a simple way for everyone to understand, but also you addressing concerns from your customers. I really respect that! But I do have a question. Your product says “safe as mud” but I was wondering, is it safe to use this polish on my dogs nails? Is the remover safe too? I would assume yes but I’d greatly appreciate a 100% certain answer from the company. Thank you!

Andrea Mckeehan

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