Top Baby Shower Gifts

Top Baby Shower Gifts

DockATot Deluxe - Target //  Bubble Silicone and Wood Teether - Loulou Lollipop // Pink Owl Wubbanub - Target // Letter Board - Letterfolk // Clouds of Candy and PINKie Promise Nail Polish - Piggy Paint // Cactus Floral Bamboo Swaddle - Spearmint Love // Ivory Sleeper - Baby Breez

We rounded up the top baby items for this year and wanted to share with you! If you're expecting a baby or have a friend who is, here are the "must have" items for your babe!

DockATot Deluxe - People are RAVING about this item! It's perfect for inside the bassinet or crib to keep baby still and snuggled. It's also great for co-sleeping or if you need to fold some laundry but want to keep baby close in sight! DockATot can be purchased online at Target or on the DockATot website. (And it comes it tons of cute prints!)

Teether - How adorable is this teether?? This bubble style silicone and wood teething rattle is not only beautiful but practical as well. It offers two different textures of teething material for the babies to chew. The double beech wooden rings rattle when shaken.

Wubbanub - Half pacifier, half plush stuffed toy, this WubbaNub Stuffed Animal in Owl is a sweet combination piece that keeps your little one calm, comforted, and relaxed for hours.

Letter Board - Perfect for documenting milestones and accomplishments on camera! Comes with letters so you can customize words for different events.

Piggy Paint Nail Polish - Baby-friendly and kid-friendly just in case you want to paint your little one's nails while they are sleeping! Little fingers and toes are too cute when painted!

Swaddle Blanket - Not only will this swaddle blanket help your baby sleep but it's so precious with the watercolor print. Spearmint Love has tons of different patterns for boys or girls!

Romper/Sleeper - This sleeper by Baby Breez is SO soft and cuddly. With both mitten and foot cuffs, it's sure to keep baby warm and safe from fingernail scratches. Also comes in different colors.

Let us know what some of your favorite baby items are for this season!

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