Mani Monday Giveaway Winner...

I hope everyone had a great Monday and that no one was pinched today! We have selected a St. Patrick's Day Mani Monday winner! This one came with a fun description that I had to share. Hope you don't mind, Annie.

Subject: This little piggy went to Ireland...kind of.

"My daughter and I decided we'd have  a little fun this morning and enter the contest. So we BOTH painted our nails ! Painting nails was the big reward for mastering potty training and continues to be the highlight of every week. We don't do chipped nails at our house! I found that antique tin box to keep all our piggy paint treasure in her bathroom. Thank you for having a part in so many fun memories and victories! "


Thanks for all the cute pics!


Piggy Paint Team
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That is the cutest idea! Special time with mom and daughter… And her picture is precious! What an inventive, creative mother.


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