Love Your Planet Giveaway!!

Tuesday is Earth Day and we would love to share with you the opportunity to win some great products!

The Love Your Planet Giveaway has started!  23 AMAZING eco-brands have come together to share green living tips and give away must have prizes for parents.  One winner will be chosen on May 1st; winner receives all prizes! BUT, everyone will get something special as a thank you for entering.  If you love Mother Earth enter here and please share:


How are you and your family celebrating Earth Day? Maybe just spending some time outside together enjoying nature? Some of the Piggy Paint team enjoyed some time outdoors this weekend when they participated in the MS Walk.

ms walk

Here is our friend Glynda, pictured left with Piggy Paint Founder, Melanie, on the right at the MS Walk. Glynda, a local graphic designer, has been working with Piggy Paint since the beginning and is the creator of our adorable logo.

ms walk2

Here is Melanie's husband and two girls opting to 'Ride for the Cure'! :)


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Playing outside lots of family time

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