Introducing New Items....

Some of you have already seen the newest additions to the Piggy Paint Collection. But if you haven't, allow me to introduce you! Exclusively in select Walmart stores you can now find small individual bottles of select Piggy Paint colors! We are so excited for the opportunity to offer this to you all. You can go here to see if it is available at a Walmart store near you!

WM Launch

Remember our photoshoot teaser about an exciting announcement on Facebook? Well, our website was a BIG announcement. And here is another!

WM Launch 2



Piggy Paint now has these items at select Walmart stores as well!  Still with non-toxic and natural ingredients that you expect from Piggy Paint!


Body Lotion and Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm

Body Spray

3 Pack Body Spray

Lip Gloss Compact

Lipgloss Compact and Applicator

Happy Shopping!!


Piggy Paint Team

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We have a partner that produces the cosmetic and bath products. They should be gluten free but to verify you can contact them at 1-800-928-1830.


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