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Matte, red coral. Use with SOPHi PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System for maximum durability, using a blow dryer on low heat between coats to help polish set.

*Since SOPHi does not contain harsh chemicals, it does require these extra steps for chip and scratch resistance. The PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System is NOT needed for use on toenails.

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3 reviews for POP-arazzi

  1. Priscilla

    I was very impressed with the nail polish. I put on two coats and did dishes for 3 days and the polish did not come off, very impresed.

  2. Miriam

    This is by far the best nontoxic nail polish I’ve ever used. Great colors, great look, and super durable if you follow the directions properly!

  3. zoraya gonzalez


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