We are looking for fun and motivated ladies who are passionate about fashion and believe that having polished nails completes any outfit. Models chosen will be representing our brand and must be positive and professional.

If you are creative, love social media, have the ability to take clear, pretty images, and love painting your nails, we want you!

When selecting SOPHi Models we are looking for the following:

  • Photo quality– the quality of photos submitted plays a huge role in selecting our models, as models will be producing their own photos – unedited photos are preferred & always keep photo background in mind (an iPhone can allow you to achieve professional photos, we recommend using the “non-selfie” side of the camera & have a friend take your photo for you or use a stand to hold your phone)
  • Photo lighting– The use of natural lighting is the best option!
  • Creativity– Fun, pretty, fresh & light images! Having well-manicured nails and cuticles, moisturized hands, and taking photos while polish is fresh and unchipped. Cleaning up any polish that may have gotten on the skin is a must. Models may use press on nails if desired as long as only SOPHi nail polish is used in the image. Feel free to use our Nail Vinyls for sophisticated and fun design styles.
  • Personality– a SOPHi model will be friendly & excited to represent our brand. Having a passion for natural products is a plus!

TO APPLY: Email [email protected]